Monday, July 22, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette Review


Hey Beauties!

One of the hottest palette out right now is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk palette, so of course I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Also, since this palette is a part of my giveaway I thought it would only be fair for you to see exactly what you're getting and my opinion of it. This one is mine, your palette was not harmed in the making of this blog post.  I got one for myself because that's how I roll, lol actually I've been dying for this palette to come out so I HAD to have!

First off,  the packaging of this palette totally got me. Come on now, you know I love leopard! It is cardboard and the leopard spots are a velvety material. Very cute!!


It comes boxed and with a brochure to tell you about the palette colors and even has some makeup pictorials in it! Nice touch-- I love seeing that with a palette. Takes some of the guesswork out for people who are not sure about what looks they can create. LOVE!


Like most palettes, it comes with a brush. Unlike most palettes, I actually like this brush. It is a double ended brush for blending and lining. Both very fluffy, I haven't seen any shedding with it either. Pretty impressed with that!

Ok, let's get down to business.  This palette has 10 colors, more on the warmer side-  which I tend to favor.
Very beautiful and pigmented! The reason I wanted to see this palette in the store rather than just order it online is because I have swatched palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills before and I wasn't super impressed with the color payoff. So I wanted to make sure this one lived up to the hype and I must say it does!

There is a great mix of shimmer shadows and matte shadows, that is something I look for in a good palette. I think to get the most for your money, you should have that variety.

Top Row: Call Back (shimmer), Strut (shimmer), Scout (shimmer), Beauty Mark(matte), LBD (matte)
Bottom Row: Day Rate (matte), Couture (shimmer), RTW (shimmer), 10K (shimmer), Pose(shimmer)

Top Row: Call Back (shimmer), Strut (shimmer), Scout (shimmer), Beauty Mark(matte), LBD (matte)

Bottom Row: Day Rate (matte), Couture (shimmer), RTW (shimmer), 10K (shimmer), Pose(shimmer)

As you can see, the colors are really pigmented. They are very smooth and apply very nicely. I often find that I can get some awesome swatches, but it just does not apply as well with the brush and on the actual eye. Totally NOT the case with these colors! They look amazing on the eye and blend very easily.

I love all of the colors, but if I had to pick a favorite I would go with Scout. It is a shimmery peach color and I think that is unique to this palette. I love peachy colors and I hardly find them in palettes and when I do they are not usually this pigmented. They are usually very sheer colors. So LOVE that!

I did find that there wasn't an ideal color for a brow highlight, because the lighter colors are shimmery. I guess that's more of a preference thing though, I prefer a matte highlight under the brow.

Anyway, I would HIGHLY recommend this palette because not only is it gorgeous, it is SUPER afforadble! This palette retails for $29, which is a steal in my opinion for 10 high quality eyeshadows and a fab brush! MUST HAVE hunny!

You can enter my giveaway for your chance to win one along with some other amazing goodies OR you can find it at Ulta or at Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Hope this was helpful!